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From data to insight to value creation in order to enable change

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The world around your business is changing fast. To stay competitive in your dynamic business environment, you need to take challenging strategic, tactical and operational decisions, often with imperfect information within a short time frame. What you need are profound insights into your playing field to optimize your competitive position: where should you play and how do you win?

At Ex Nihilo we want you to succeed at taking the best possible decisions and grow your business beyond your ambitions.

Our management team

Do you have what it takes to become a member of our highly qualified team? Ex Nihilo likes to meet ambitious and enthusiastic people who can strengthen our team. Part of our ambitious team can come in many forms. Feel free to contact us to ask about the possibilities.

robert de vries

Robert de Vries


Specialist Data Analytics, Tax Tools & Transfer 

It’s our ambition to further optimize the process regarding compliance and litigation in all aspects of transfer pricing in most pragmatic and efficient way. Using the ideal combination of human knowledge and artificial intelligence.

joke rigter

Joke Rigter RA MSc

Managing Partner

Specialist Business Analysis & Strategy

Dedicated to grow your business by using our unique approach: from data to insight to value creation. It’s our ambition to further optimize competitive advantages and your strategy by using insights and translate into actionable and successful strategy.

Herreveld van den Hurk & Partners

Dispute resolution

High level tax litigation support and international tax advice

Our trusted partners Hans van den Hurk and Frank Herreveld are both partner at Herreveld van den Hurk & Partners, which is a small boutique advisory firm specialised in (tax) dispute resolution with an interdisciplinary team of top specialist.

Prof. dr. Dick de Waard RA MA

Of-Counsel Sustainability Expert 

Highly experienced in the field of Sustainability from the perspective of strategy, internal control, reporting and assurance.

Worked as a partner at EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services, as an independent consultant and as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Groningen and the University of Curacao. I participate in a wide range of working groups focus on the development of sustainability reporting. My focus is on making choices: what is important for the company and its stakeholders and what is true transparency?

Chris Vugrinec

Manager Technical Team

Cloud Solution Architect

Making technology work for you is my pride and passion. I like to enable your visions in a safe and responsible way.

With my background in developing and architecting integration solutions combined with my network of IT specialists, which I have built up over the years, there are no limitations in what we can deliver.

We use the latest (open source) standards and best practices and love to hear how we can help.

Knowledge clips

Learn more about Ex Nihilo and our products. Watch the knowledge clips below.

1. International tax series: MDR or DAC6
In our first knowledge clip will Johanna Rigter talk about the international tax series.

3. International tax series: Transfer Pricing
In the clip we’ll talk about the basics of Transfer Pricing with our specialist Robert de Vries.  

Transfer Pricing

International Tax consulting

Transfer Pricing documentation is becoming increasingly important to meet legal documentation requirements and to be prepared for questions from the Tax Authorities. But how do you develop the documentation as efficiently as possible and how do you keep it up-to-date? To meet documentation requirements, we have developed a thorough modular approach. Ex Nihilo offers various solutions ranging from a review of documentation to identify potential risks, shortcomings, do’s and don’ts to complete outsourcing of your documentation. Our modular approach allows you to prepare parts of the documentation yourself, optional with our software tools, under the guidance of our specialists.

With our broad experience in Supply Chain Analysis and Value Chain Analysis we are the perfect partner in the field of Transfer Pricing documentation services.

We compile, update and review the transfer pricing documentation being master and local file, country-by-country reporting and benchmarks. We prepare transfer pricing documentation from a risk perspective and not only from a compliance perspective. We minimize this risk by supporting companies in the preparation and implementation of a Value Chain Analysis, in which the business processes of your company are consistent with the tax rules of the various countries, not only now, but also in the future.

Ex Nihilo’s International Tax team, under the leadership of prof. dr. Hans van den Hurk, offers services that help multinational entities align their tax strategies to their business, through a wide variety of compliance and advisory services. As multinational enterprises expand globally, their global tax strategies need to become more integrated, flexible and sustainable. Our team helps companies understand the drivers of their effective tax rate, assess risks, and better align tax management with future business model developments. Our tax risk analysis provides a framework for discussion, design and implementation of global tax strategies. 

In this respect, below are the key services we offer: 

  1. · Assistance in strategising tax litigation 
  2. · Explore alternative tax dispute resolution avenues 
  3. · Assistance in preparation of advance ruling application and provide support for representation before the Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) for settling a tax position 
  4. · Assistance in drafting and presenting applications to the competent authority for Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) under the tax treaties 
  5. · Assisting counsels in preparing/representing appeals/petitions before high courts and Supreme Court.