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Powerful features that makes you DAC7 compliant

Combining knowledge about DAC7 and utilizing smart DAC7 software solutions enables businesses to effectively navigate the complexities of digital platform reporting requirements while ensuring compliance through automation, accuracy, and real-time data processing. This synergy enhances operational efficiency and reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Automated data check and standardization

The software conducts automatic verifications to ensure data accuracy and consistency, aligning diverse data formats to a standardized form suitable for reporting.

Data enrichment using external sources

DAC7-X can enhance the existing data by incorporating additional details from external databases, ensuring a more comprehensive data set. 

Automated Sharing with Tax authority

It facilitates direct and automated submission of required data to tax authorities, streamlining the compliance process.

Email notifications to reportable sellers

The system is capable of sending automated email to sellers who need to report or receive information, ensuring timely and consistent communication. 

Online Portal containing all information

A centralized online platform is available which hosts all pertinent information, allowing for easy access and management of data.

Connection to source system possible

DAC7-X can integrate with existing source systems to pull data directly, enabling real-time data processing and reporting.

Why choose DAC7-X?

Reduce risk on non-compliance

By ensuring data accuracy and standardization, the software minimizes the chances of errors that could lead to non-compliance with tax regulations.

Clear audit trail

DAC7-X provides a transparent audit trail, documenting all the data checks and changes for accountability and traceability.

Combining human knowledge with smart software

Leverages the expertise of professionals with automated tools for enhanced decision-making and efficiency.

Fully automated

The process is fully automated, which significantly increases efficiency and reliability in data handling and reporting.

Perform data checks

Continuous and periodic data checks can be conducted throughout the year, allowing for proactive compliance management.

Reduce workload

Automating routine compliance tasks alleviates the burden on staff, freeing them to focus on more strategic activities.

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