A solution to ensure CESOP compliance quick, easy and simple.

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PSP-X features make you comply with new obligations

In an always changing tax world, PSP-X combines CESOP knowledge and software solutions to ease the complex digital platform reporting requirements, and reassuring compliance through automation, accuracy, and real-time data processing. Aiming to increase operational efficiency and reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties.


PSP-X is a tool developed by experts, involved in the development and implementation of the tool from its early stages. We always combine knowledge and automation as this results in the most efficient and cost-effective process to be compliant with the required level of quality. 

User-friendly tool

PSP-X is an easy-to-use tool, which takes into consideration your time and busy agenda, while providing a tool that can be quickly enabled and up-and-running after a brief introduction. With our expertise and dedicated professionals it will reduce the workload allowing you to focus on other strategic tasks.

Online portal protecting all information

A centralized online platform is available which hosts all pertinent information, allowing for easy access and management of data. The process is fully automated, which significantly increases efficiency and reliability in data handling and reporting.

Review process to verify relevant information available

Our team of specialists is dedicated in providing support throughout the entire process including verification of all necessary information is included and available.

Clear communication available

As a part of our constant improvements on the tool, we offer constant communication with our team of specialists in case any questions arise during the automation process.

Secure and accurate data

PSP-X operates through a highly secure infrastructure (hosted by Microsoft Azure). Your User have access to the most advanced security settings

Why is PSP-X the best option?

Streamline compliance

PSP-X is designed to streamline compliance with evolving tax regulations by leveraging the combined expertise of CESOP and innovative software solutions.

Operational efficiency

By focusing on operational efficiency and risk mitigation, PSP-X aims to enhance organizational performance while minimizing the potential impact of non-compliance penalties.

Data security

Operating within a highly secure infrastructure hosted by Microsoft Azure, we prioritize the protection of your information. Users have access to advanced security settings, including Two-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On, safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Data accuracy

Utilizing our algorithms, PSP-X meticulously verifies the accuracy of data, promptly flagging any inconsistencies for immediate attention, ensuring data integrity and reliability at every step.

Review process

PSP-X offers value-added services that further enhance its utility. Through a meticulous review process and dedicated support, PSP-X generates validated XSD compliant with European Commission standards and specific Tax Administration requirements.

Reduce workload

Automating routine compliance tasks alleviates the burden on staff, freeing them to focus on more strategic activities.

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